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Shims are highly useful components to have at your disposal. Whether used for temporary adjustments or permanent spacing in an application, a shim enables you to find the perfect fit and affords you the flexibility to modify clearance, tension and support. We manufacture high quality shims in a variety of materials. We also carry a complete selection of sizes and shapes to ensure that each individual shim will perform reliably and fit securely in your application.

Browse our catalog to find shims made from various stainless steel alloys, as well as aluminum, brass, bronze, steel, copper, fiber, felt, and other materials. Our laminated shims allow you to easily peel away layers from the surface of each shim to achieve a precise fit. Find D-shaped, oval, rectangular, slotted and square shims, along with many others. Browse through a comprehensive selection of sizes and thicknesses, ready to source directly from our catalog. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, just send us an RFQ with your shim specifications.

301 Stainless Steel Shims

302 Stainless Steel Shims

304 Stainless Steel Shims

316 Stainless Steel Shims

321 Stainless Steel Shims

410 Stainless Steel Shims

430 Stainless Steel Shims

Aluminum Shims

Belleville Shims

Beryllium Shims

Brass Shims

Bronze Shims

Carbon Steel Shims

Celcon Shims

Copper Shims

Delrin Shims

Felt Shims

Fiber Glass Shims

Fiber Shims

High Carbon Shims

High Carbon Steel Shims

Inconel Shims

Inside D-Shape Shims

Inside Double-D Shims

Kapton Shims

Laminated Shims

Lead Shims

Low Carbon Shims

Low Carbon Steel Shims

Metric Shims

Metric Shims

Mica Shims

Monel Shims

Mylar Shims

Neoprene Shims

Nylatron Shims

Nylon Shims

Outside D-Shaped Shims

Outside Double D Shims

Oval ID Shims

Oval OD Shims

Phenolic Shims

Phosphor Shims

Polyethylene Shims

Polypropylene Shims

PTFE Shims

PVC Shims

Rectangular OD Shims

Rubber Shims


Slotted Round Shims

Slotted Square Shims

Square ID Shims

Square OD Shims

Stainless Steel Shims

Steel Shims

Tag Shims

Three Wave Shims