Military Washers For Mil Spec Applications

Mil-spec or military washers are manufactured for use in military applications. These washers are created in accordance with meticulous material and production criteria, which ensure optimal performance in the most demanding installations. This also means they're produced with the utmost uniformity and reliability. Military washers are used in a range of defense specific applications, but they are also an appropriate choice for some aerospace, automotive and industrial applications.

We manufacture military washers according to precise standards and specifications. We can provide material certifications for Chem & Phys and DFAR compliance, and can assure that all of the products we offer are manufactured here in the U.S.A.

Finding A Capable Military Washer Supplier

We at Superior Washer and Gasket Corp. have been recognized as a leading military washer manufacturer for many good reasons. We know how important it is that mil-spec washers be made with precision and care, but we also make sure they are readily available for our customers, even when exceptionally large quantities are needed. Part of our job as a capable and trusted military washer supplier is making sure that the military flat washers you need will be in stock and ready to source through our catalog. When you require military washers that you don’t see on our website, we can still provide them for you thanks to our vast production capabilities. In addition to mil-spec spacing solutions, we provide washers for tough aviation needs, like aerospace aluminum washers and industrial essentials such as Din 125 metric washers

Why Choose Superior Washer & Gasket Corp.?

When choosing a source for the military washers you require, there are many reasons to rely on Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. As a U.S.-based manufacturer with extensive capabilities, we can offer you the very best in quality assurance and deliver the washers you need promptly. We're committed to providing our customers with a fast and easy purchasing experience, as well as an unparalleled commitment to quality and attention to detail when filling each order.

Our Capabilities And Services

We're able to reliably offer mil-spec washers and other spacing solutions thanks to our many capabilities and services. We maintain an extensive inventory of washers and shims within our two U.S.-based manufacturing facilities. Our superior ability to deliver exactly what our customers need is due in part to the over 40,000 square feet of raw material in virtually every gauge, more than 100 power presses that we maintain. Our staff of skilled machinists and experienced personnel work hard to ensure that every item you receive is made to strict quality standards. We are proud to be an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer.