Tag Washers For Every Need

We manufacture tag washers to meet with the unique needs of our clients. Tag washers include washers that have an oblong, off-center, or keyhole shaped interior diameter, two separate interior diameters, and a toothed interior diameter, which is also known as a retaining washer. We can produce just about any variety of tag washers with impeccable production speed. We have an extensive variety of dies and superior stamping capabilities so we can meet just about any custom tag washer spec requirement. Let us know what you need in an RFQ. You can also call us to speak with a member of our dedicated customer service team. You will receive answers to all of your questions and the very best customer care in the business. 

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Your Best Source For Tag Flat Washers

Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. is your best source for tag flat washers. That’s because we have the manufacturing resources and expertise to produce washers according to the unique needs of our OEM, fastener distributor, and other professional customers. No matter what type of tag washers you require, with regard to size, thickness, shape, material, and other specs, we can manufacture them if we don’t already have them among our vast inventory. You can trust that every item in your order of tag flat washers will be of the utmost quality and will perform as a reliable spacing and load distributing component. We strive to provide you with fast delivery, competitive pricing, and the very best, U.S.-made washers available on the market, from specialty stampings like tag and outside D shaped washers, as well as conventional spacers that include N400 flat washers and standard low carbon steel washers.

Why Choose Superior Washer & Gasket Corp.?

At Superior Washer & Gasket Corp., we’re in the business of making the best spacing solutions, but we’re also focused on continuously giving our customers reasons to choose us—not just for the first time, but every time they need washers and shims. We’ve built your satisfaction into our business practices. We’re here to help you save time and get exactly what you need at a competitive price. We’re also here to provide you with an assurance of quality and access to the most diverse stock of products that you’ll find anywhere. 

Our Capabilities And Services

When you choose us as your washer manufacturer and supplier, you’re benefiting from extensive capabilities and services that can produce what you need, quickly and reliably. Our team of expert machinists use more than 100 power presses, over 40,000 square feet of raw material, and an in-house tool and die shop to maintain our stock of over a billion washers and 370,000 special size parts. We can also easily complete custom stampings. Our two U.S. manufacturing facilities are home to the most dedicated staff of professionals who are committed to fulfilling your order, fast and thoroughly. We’re proud to maintain our ISO-9001 certification and the many capabilities that have allowed us to become such a trusted and recognized washer manufacturer.